It's time to stop feeling sick and start being spectacular

Where do you look when you want to have a meaningful conversation about your health questions? You don’t want to visit a doctor who can’t recall your name and has all of ten minutes to talk. You don’t want a health coach who will give you a diet and fitness plan. You don’t know what you don’t know, and you just want to find out what’s going on. You want to know your options

You're a smart person.

You do the things you need to get and keep yourself healthy. You can tell when things aren't quite right and you're tired of people offering you (un)helpful advice. You've done your research and you want to make your health better, not just take a pill that leads to a downward spiral of medical intervention. You want a robust and resilient health you can count on when you ask your body to keep up with your big ideas. 

Whom can you trust?

There's a non-stop stream of 'health experts' in your news feed. Some of them seem competent and others are whacked out. Your friend sells essential oils and someone else sells supplements. You like and trust your friend, but is their advice and product what you need? Supplements and organic foods are expensive, and you hate to waste money on something that doesn't work or has harmful side effects.

This is not your fault.

Every day, you’re seeing new advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. This supplement is the key to longevity, that new superfood is the way to better energy, keep cut up carrot sticks in the fridge and you (and your kids) won’t eat cookies. Eat paleo, eat vegan, go gluten free, go dairy free, avoid lectins, avoid nightshades, avoid GMOs and packaged food. For a busy person like you, this is just too much to process. 

Our natural response to overwhelm? Ignore it and revert to your existing habits. This is why you’re not able to make the shifts that you set out to make, even though you set goals, meditate on your intentions, and join support groups and online classes. (Watch my IgniteDenver talk about how this happens)


There is a way.

All the information you need to get and stay healthy is already available to you. You just need the decoder ring to understand the messages your body is sending. 

I use my background as a scientist and spaceship builder combined with my training in western herbalism, clinical nutrition, and functional health to guide you to a holistic, personalized health strategy that gets to the root cause of what's making you sick. When you address the root cause and bring the power of plants to restoring wellness, you'll find you are energetic, strong, and resilient. Your body keeps up with all your demands. 

Your strategy is a step-by-step guide that puts you on the path to wellness without all the endless chatter. Everything you need to know in manageable pieces that propel you toward the healthier, more energetic life you want.

No more wasting money on supplements, medications, and diets that aren’t for you. No more wondering if what you’re doing is making a difference. Just a direct, targeted strategy, personalized for you.

It's normal to be skeptical. 

After all, this is your health we're talking about. The thing that enables you to do what you want and need to do, to be present for the people and the things that matter the most. Plus, there's so much noise out here on the internet, with everyone and their sibling claiming to have the 'one weird tip' for lifelong health and wellness. 

Well, I don't approach this that way. I'm a scientist, an herbalist, and most importantly, I'm a skeptic myself. I listen to your story, listen deeper for the quiet story your body is telling, and help to translate the situation into a strategy that you can make happen. 

I've put together some short video FAQ's to help you get a better feel for me and how I work. Why don't you take a look and see if that helps you get more comfortable. 

Let's get started with your Wellness Launchpad. 

We'll connect via the MarcoPolo app. This video messaging app allows us to share a conversation when it best fits with our schedules. The goal of your Wellness Launchpad is to understand what's really going on for you. I'll give you some first steps to get you started, and follow up with more great information to support your journey. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • A detailed health history assessment to identify the hidden messages your body is sending this is where we start solving your problems, rather than just covering them up
  • Up to six MarcoPolo video chats where you get to ask whatever questions you have and I'll share my thoughts and insights about what might be happening - those silly questions that you've been afraid to ask? Here's your chance. It's probably related, even if you've been told it's 'normal'
  • A recording of our conversation so you can refer back to it afterwards to catch those important clues - because I want you to be fully engaged in our call, not taking notes
  • A written strategy report with step-by-step guidance on how to shift from feeling sick to being spectacular - so you can confidently take action right away, and know that you're on the right path
  • Access to my online dispensary and discounts on professional quality supplements - sometimes professional supplements are more effective, have better evidence, and ultimately greater savings than drugstore brands
  • A free e-book, Making the Most of Your Health Strategy to support your journey to wellness - when you have questions or want reassurance that you're doing it right, this guide is there for you

Wellness Launchpad Sessions are $100. For the price of a cup of coffee each day, you'll finally figure out what's going on with your health and get started on making it better

I'm in a spaceship building phase right now, and taking only a limited number of new clients. My time is limited and yours is valuable, so I want to make sure our work together will actually help you and that the resources I have available will support your needs. Please complete this short inquiry form so that we can start exploring what spectacular health could mean for you. Completing this inquiry does not obligate you to work with me. It's simply a way for us to get to know each other better.

The results of this form are emailed to me using a non-secure email system. Please be aware of any sensitive health information and edit accordingly.

When it comes to health, we just want to know what’s going on. Busy, professional women struggle every day with fatigue, brain fog, headaches, aches and pains, digestive upset, and more.

I help my clients figure out what’s going on and develop a strategy for shifting from feeling sick to being spectacular.

Together, we use herbs, diet, and lifestyle shifts to create wellness without the toxic side effects.

lisa akers

herbalist & spaceship builder

"When I messaged Lisa I was NOT in the best way health wise. I wasn't sleeping. I was having a tough time focusing. My mood was unacceptable too often. I felt like my body was becoming unglued and was rejecting me. I reached out to Lisa to see what I could do NATURALLY to reclaim some of my mojo and, within the first 10 minutes, she got me all the way together. She's very real, approachable and sensible. She not only knows herbs, she also knows THE INDUSTRY. There's no hype. There are no calls or requests to overhaul your life overnight or even to buy the most costly supplements. Lisa not only has my utmost respect, I refer her to others constantly. As Lisa encourages us: it's time to stop feeling sick and start being spectacular.”  "

Lena West
Creator, CEO DNA Method
High-Performance Business Coach



"The information you're sharing is giving me the 'why' I feel this way and making me feel less crazy. It also  helps me explain my situation to  others, and that helps a lot."

Jackie Moore

"This was such an incredible experience. I am walking away with this sense of being heard and appreciated. My doctor, who I really like, actually made me a bit mad by ignoring something I felt was important. After this call, I feel empowered and educated and able to take positive steps toward improving my health."

Debbie Chisholm, Lighthouse Spiritual Center